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SRV Viitoset to build the new extension to Finland Post Group’s logistics centre

Thursday, February 5, 2004 - 15:45

SRV Viitoset signed the piecework agreement on the logistics centre with Finland Post Group Plc on 20 January 2004.

Finlands Unilever Oy, Lever Fabergé has chosen Finland Post Group as its provider of storage services. From 1 December 2004 onwards, the Lever Fabergé main warehouse will be located in Vantaa in the service warehouse attached to Finland Post Groups logistics centre. The contract includes the storage of Lever Fabergés detergents and cleansing materials as well as personal hygiene products.

The site is located in Voutila, Vantaa. The contract includes 12,402 gross-m2. The work will be done according to the project management model. Construction was started on 21 January 2004 and the extension will be handed over to the client on 3 December 2004.