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Kamppi Center at rooftop height

Wednesday, May 26, 2004 - 15:45

A roof-topping party of the whole project was held at Kamppi Center, Finlands largest construction site on Wednesday 26 May 2005. Around 700 guests joined in the traditional celebrations.

The construction work has progressed according to schedule and the project is halfway to completion. The terminals and the underground retail area will be open to the public from early June 2005. The whole project will be completed in the spring of 2006.

The excavation pit at Kamppi is no longer visible; construction is in progress throughout the site. Building service systems are being installed and foundation plates cast in the long-distance bus terminal and car park. Work is also being done on the frame of the freight station. Half of the roof has been cast in the Espoo bus terminal and the casting works will be finished by early June.

The vertical columns of the steel frame for the shopping center have mostly been installed and the erection of the floor slabs is in progress. The frame is at rooftop height in July revealing the size and shape of the building.

The frame erection work on the first office and residential building has progressed to the level of the third floor. The frames of the other two buildings are also being erected.

There are 400 people currently working on the site.

Great emphasis is placed on occupational safety at the Kamppi Center site. Serious accidents have been avoided thus far. Each new worker is familiarised with the site and its regulations. Afterwards the worker is given an electronic pass that is required for access throughout the site. Compliance with the safety regulations and the wearing of appropriate protective gear is mandatory.

Attention has also been given to prevention of 'grey economy'. The details of every person and firm working on the site have been recorded and cooperation with the various authorities on the matter has become routine.

The logistics arrangements for the construction site have been challenging at times. The site itself is large, but there is little space for temporary storage or extra traffic. SRV Viitoset Oy has developed its own, computer-based, logistics system to direct the flow of goods. It has been estimated that at best there are around a hundred deliveries made to the site per day. They all need to be directed to the right place at the right time.

The city of Helsinki, as the future proprietor of the terminals, is also very pleased with the progress made on the site.

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