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A double victory to SRV in the work safety competition

Wednesday, March 3, 2004 - 15:45

SRV Viitoset Ltd won the work safety competition, held between the large construction companies, for the fourth consecutive time. 22 house construction companies participated this year. SRV Teräsbetoni Ltd won the house building industry series challenge cup given out by the Occupational Safety and Health Inspectorate of Uusimaa. Both companies are part of SRV Group Plc.

- These victories speak of the success of our construction site management system, says the Managing Director of SRV Viitoset Juha Pekka Ojala. Our management system considers work safety in all areas of operation and our staff is motivated and committed to acting in accordance with the system.

The SRV Group has an efficient internal training scheme. Cooperation with the authorities and insurance companies has gone on for years. SRV has also espoused a zero tolerance policy with respect to mistakes in all its operations.

-Taking strict care of work safety mattershas an immediate pay-off in the quality of work observed, in keeping with schedules and ultimately in profits, states SRV Viitoset Security Manager Jari Korpisaari.

The work safety competition was organised by the Uusimaa District of The Confederation of Finnish Construction Industries, Maanrakentajien Uudenmaan piiriyhdistys, The Finnish Construction Trade Union, the Union of Salaried Employees TU, Occupational Safety and Health Inspectorate of Uusimaa and Työturvallisuuskeskus. Work safety competitions have been held in Uusimaa since 1997.

For more information:
Juha Pekka Ojala, Managing Director
SRV Viitoset Ltd
Tel +358 40 733 4173

Jari Korpisaari
Occupational Safety Manager
SRV Viitoset Ltd
Tel +358 40 565 2429