REDI construction site / Traffic

REDI construction site

Traffic changes

Temporary traffic arrangements on Itäväylä, Junatie and Hermannin rantatie will be implemented progressively starting on 5 May. Such arrangements will remain in effect until 2017.

New traffic routes

Vehicle traffic will be detoured in a phased manner.

1. In the first phase, starting on 5 May, eastbound vehicle traffic on Sörnäisten rantatie will be detoured. Eastbound traffic from Pasila and westbound traffic from Itäkeskus will flow along the current route. Even during the temporary arrangements, Itäväylä will have three lines on operation in both directions.

Traffic on Hermannin rantatie where it passes the work site will be diverted to new routes. Traffic from Hermannin rantatie bound for the centre of Helsinki will be diverted to Vanha talvitie, while traffic bound for Itäväylä will be detoured along the eastern side of the work site to a new junction to Itäväylä. Traffic from the city centre bound for Hermannin rantatie will use the same junction.

2. In the second phase, starting on 8 May, eastbound traffic from Pasila will also be diverted to an alternative route. Traffic from Pasila will also be able to access Hermannin rantatie.

3. In the final phase, starting on 19 May, vehicle traffic from Itäkeskus will detoured.

Pedestrian and cycle traffic

The most significant change to pedestrian and cycle traffic routes affect the route running north of Suvilahti, which will be closed to traffic. Replacement route passes through Parrukatu.

Public transport

Metro will provide a normal service, with signs directing traffic to the metro station during the temporary traffic arrangements.  However, the entrance from the metro station to Itäväylä will be closed to the public on 19 May.  Some changes will be made to the bus routes and stops. Information on such changes will be provided later via various channels, including the website of the Helsinki Regional Transport Authority (HSL).

Later arrangements

The temporary traffic arrangements will be in place until 2017, after which traffic will be restored to pass through REDI’s shopping centre, along the current route. During construction, the bedrock outcrop along Itäväylä will be blasted, with the traffic on Itäväylä being diverted to a new bridge.  The metro track was shifted to the bridge as early as in 2012. A green roof will be installed over Itäväylä, providing a park with nearly the size of the Esplanadi Park in the city centre.

There are Finnish traffic maps available on our Finnish website.