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Site news 2014

Monday, February 16, 2015 - 17:00

The year 2014 was, to a large extent, one of planning as well as of negotiations concerning tenants, financing and investors. Activities focusing on work planning and procurement were carried out at the work site, including preparations for the relaunch of the work.

In the course of the autumn, blasting was carried out in preparation of the launch of the construction. Bedrock located under the metro bridge was blasted, amounting to 600 lorry roads of blasted rock.  Rock was removed to the depth of around five meters, almost down to the sea level, along the entire length of the metro bridge. A customer parking and a park-and-ride parking area are projected for construction under the metro bridge in a later phase.

By the present date, a total of 250,000 cubic meters of rock has been blasted at the work site. When the work will resume, an additional 500,000 cubic meters of rock will be blasted.

During the autumn, preparations were made for the coming traffic arrangements: temporary traffic lights and signs are now ready to be mounted. New pedestrian and cycle traffic routes have also been asphalted. The temporary detours will be put into operation after the construction phase of REDI begins in earnest.