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Site news 2013

Wednesday, October 1, 2014 - 07:45

In August 2013, two key construction contracts ordered by the City of Helsinki at the site were completed in Kalasatama Centre: a waste collection station and a metro bridge. Both contracts were completed flawlessly.

The waste collection station is located at the heart of the REDI complex and its base is 13 metres below sea level. The waste of the entire Kalasatama area is sucked using a pipeline system to the waste collection station.

The metro still runs in its original location, but the section of the line that lay on solid rock has been changed to a bridge. During winter and spring 2013, the final bridge support pillars were constructed in a cavern excavated under the bridge.

In addition, work related to the street network was done at the site and in its vicinity. The city’s district heating and cooling supply was also secured at the same time.

The centre’s city plan was confirmed in June 2013. During the autumn, tenant, financing and investor discussions have continued. In addition, design work has proceeded in leaps and bounds in all areas of design. At the site, work planning and procurement is being done and preparations are being made to resume work.