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Tuesday, October 1, 2013 - 11:30

Renewal of the metro rails has been one of the most demanding phases in the construction of Kalasatama Centre.

During the spring a new concrete bridge was built on the construction site. Also, the new rails and switches were tested. On July 14, the renewal operation started with dismantling of the cables and safety devices as well as removing of the old rails. That was followed by excavation of about three meters of the rock and building of temporary support structures. On Tuesday July 17, the new bridge was pushed along transfer rails with help of 8 heavy duty jacks into its proper place. After that, the necessary cables and safety devices were mounted and tested. A 200 meter tunnel was excavated under the site to enable the construction of new pillars for the bridge.

Due to the works, there was a break in the metro service between 14 and 22 July. After that metro service continued normally.

All phases of the work were scheduled in detail. This is the most massive bridge move ever done in Finland. Parking and retail facilities will be built under the bridge. In the future both the metro and the Itäväylä motorway will be covered by a lawn-planted deck which will serve as a courtyard to the residential towers.