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Construction of REDI, the centre of Kalasatama, begins

Wednesday, April 8, 2015 - 09:30

In April, SRV will begin the construction of REDI, the centre of Kalasatama, in the area surrounding the Kalasatama metro station. After its completion, REDI will be a new hub for living, commerce and traffic, encompassing eight residential towers in a white finish and the largest shopping centre in the inner city. REDI will provide housing for 2,000 residents as well as an entertainment centre for all of the residents in Helsinki.

The first phase of the project will comprise the construction of a health and wellness centre, scheduled for completion in late 2017. The shopping centre at REDI will be completed in the autumn of 2018, with the first residential tower being constructed in the same year. The rest of the area will be competed in phases by 2023.

This bulletin will provide the residents living in the area with information on daily working hours and the possible effects of the construction work on the surrounding area.

Initial work phases

The construction will begin with earthworks and rock blasting, followed by the foundation laying for the shopping centre and the residential towers.

Construction work at the site will be carried out within the scope of the permission issued by the Environmental Centre of the City of Helsinki. The reference of this permission is HEL 2011-000817 (T 11 01 00 02).

Duration: Rock blasting at REDI will begin in April 2015, and is estimated to continue until late 2016. Piling and metal sheet walling will begin in May 2015 and will continue in the autumn 2015. Work involving rock crushing will not be continuous as it will be carried out only on 49 days during a period extending until the end of 2016.

Daily working hours: Work causing construction noise will be carried out Mon–Fri 7:00 a.m. –6:00 p.m. (with the noise level indoors being < 35dB). Underground work and work causing limited noise can also be carried out evenings and weekends. Blasted rock will be transported 24 hours on weekdays.

The hours during which blasting will be carried out Mon–Fri (if necessary, blasting may also be carried out during other hours between 7:00 a.m and 6:00 p.m.):
7:00 a.m. – 7:15 a.m.  
11:00 a.m. –11:15 a.m  
1:45 p.m. –2:00 p.m.  
5:45 p.m. –6:00 p.m.

Impact on the environment: During construction, the metro service will operate normally. The noise level will be measured, with the results being reported in accordance with instruction 1/1995 “Ympäristömelun mittaaminen” (“Measurement of environmental noise”), issued by the Ministry of the Environment. Efforts will be made to minimise dust formation during blasting and transport of blasted rock, with dust collection equipment being put into operation in the vicinity of sensitive areas. The effects of rock blasting will be measured with continuous vibration measurements. In an effort to monitor the effects of the construction work, the inspection of the premises located within the impact area of rock blasting has been carried out. The inspection of the nearby houses has been carried out by Kalliotekniikka Oy.

Playground equipment at Katiska, the temporary playground in Kalasatama, will be moved to a safe location, to allow for unhindered traffic to and from the construction site.  A decision on a new location of the playground equipment will be made during April.

Temporary traffic arrangements (for the maps, please see the Finnish website)

The scale of the construction work at REDI will make it necessary to detour traffic on Itäväylä and Hermannin rantatie to temporary routes. These temporary traffic arrangements will be implemented progressively starting on 5 May and extending until 2017.

Vehicle traffic will be detoured in a phased manner as follows:
1. In the first phase, starting on 5 May, vehicle traffic on Hermannin rantatie and eastbound vehicle traffic on Sörnäisten rantatie will be detoured. Westbound vehicle traffic from Itäkeskus will flow along its current route.
2. In the second phase, starting on 8 May, eastbound traffic from Pasila will also be diverted to an alternative route.
3. In the final phase, starting on 19 May, vehicle traffic from Itäkeskus will detoured.

The most significant change to pedestrian and cycle traffic routes affect the route running north of Suvilahti, which will be closed to traffic. Replacement route passes through Parrukatu.

The metro service will operate normally. Some changes will be made to the bus routes and stops. Information on such changes will be provided later via various channels, including the website of the Helsinki Regional Transport Authority (HSL).

Information briefing to be arranged on 22 April 2015

You are invited to attend a residents’ evening hosted by the City of Helsinki on Wednesday 22 April at 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Arranged in the restaurant Vanha Kalasatama, this briefing event will focus on the construction site at REDI and the work to be carried out there, as well as on the temporary traffic arrangements and timetables.

Contact information

Project Manager Kyösti Kohonen
The REDI project (on-ground work)
Destia Oy

For additional information on blasting and earthworks, please call our staff on duty for information on +358 40 638 6851

Project Manager Ville Järvinen
The REDI project (underground work)
SRV Infra Oy
Tel. +358 40 012 8688

Additional information on REDI

You can monitor the progress of work on a website dedicated to the REDI construction site at

Jessi Honkanen, Communications Specialist, SRV, 040 652 7211,

At REDI, which will become the heart of the Kalasatama city district, SRV will build eight white tower buildings and the inner city’s largest shopping centre. In connection with REDI, there will also be a City of Helsinki social services and health centre as well as public thoroughfares and public utility services. The shopping centre will be completed in full in fall 2018, and the entire centre by 2023. Destia is responsible for excavation and blasting work as well as other infrastructure construction. Excavation of the underground parking area is the responsibility of SRV Infra.