REDI construction site / About site

REDI construction site

Site number: 2375
Kyläsaarenkatu 25
00580 Helsinki

What will be built here?

At  the heart of the Kalasatama city district, SRV will build eight white tower buildings and the inner city’s largest shopping centre. The name of the complex is REDI, which means sheltered harbour. On completion, REDI will provide a home to 2,000 residents and an experience centre for all inhabitants of the city.

Working hours

Work causing construction noise will be carried out Mon–Fri 7:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. (with the noise level indoors being < 35dB). Underground work and work causing limited noise can also be carried out evenings and weekends.  Blasted rock will be transported 24 hours on weekdays.

Construction work at the site will be carried out within the scope of the permission issued by the Environmental Centre of the City of Helsinki. The reference of this permission is HEL 2011-000817 (T 11 01 00 02).

Impact on the environment

During construction, the metro service will operate normally. The noise level will be measured, with the results being reported in accordance with instruction 1/1995 “Ympäristömelun mittaaminen” (“Measurement of environmental noise”), issued by the Ministry of the Environment. Efforts will be made to minimise dust formation during blasting and transport of blasted rock, with dust collection equipment being put into operation in the vicinity of sensitive areas. The effects of rock blasting will be measured with continuous vibration measurements. In an effort to monitor the effects of the construction work, the inspection of the premises located within the impact area of rock blasting has been carried out. The inspection of the nearby houses has been carried out by Kalliotekniikka Oy.